Thursday, September 24, 2015

Writeup - CSAW 2015 : Crypto 50 - whiter0se


White rose presents us with a broken m4v file, which becomes readily obvious when opening it up in HxD.  HxD shows us that the content of the file is:


Work smarter, not harder: is a great cryptogram solver by Edwin Olson which I’ve used to solve a bunch of similar challenges.  When you put the content of whiter0se in quipquip, it kicks back the flag!

Writeup - CSAW 2015 : Forensics - Airports



Airports presented us with 4 images of airports from around the world and one image called “Steghide.jpg” (Might be a hint!?).  After 15 minutes of recon-ing these pictures, we found all of the airport codes: HAV, HKG, LAX and YYZ.  We concat’ed these all together, resulting in the passphrase “HAVHKGLAXYYZ”.  Using the tool from the hint, Steghide, we ran “steghide extract –sf steghide.jpg –p HAVHKGLAXYYZ.”  This gave us a key.txt file, which contained the flag “iH4t3A1rp0rt5”!